Big Mouth Strawberry Syrup Pancakes Concentrate

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Big Mouth Strawberry Syrup Pancakes Concentrate

There isn't anything better than to start off your morning with some good homemade pancakes. Keep thinking about them. Now imagine homemade delicious strawberry syrup on top. It will take you to Strawberry Syrup Pancakes to have your morning baked well!


Advised dosage for the Concentrate Big Mouth :

With a base of 70/30 of PG/VG : 8%
With a base of 50/50 of PG/VG : 10%
With a base of 30/70 of PG/VG : 12%
With a base Full VG : 15%


Big Mouth liquids

BIG MOUTH is your PREMIUM all-day-vape juice.


Additional Information

This is concentrated flavouring and should be mixed with PG and/or VG and/or other flavouring before vaping.


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