Big Mouth Jelly Beans Concentrate

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Big Mouth Jelly Beans Concentrate

Is it raining today? Are you having a bad day at the office? It is impossible to relax at home, isn't it? Then this special flavour is just for you. Make this day the most colourful in your life with some small-shaped, sugar-glazed and super tasteful jelly beans. One puff and all of your worries are gone leaving you in the heaven.


Advised dosage for the Concentrate Big Mouth :

With a base of 70/30 of PG/VG : 8%
With a base of 50/50 of PG/VG : 10%
With a base of 30/70 of PG/VG : 12%
With a base Full VG : 15%


Big Mouth liquids

BIG MOUTH is your PREMIUM all-day-vape juice.


Additional Information

This is concentrated flavouring and should be mixed with PG and/or VG and/or other flavouring before vaping.


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