Big Mouth Fruity Lollipops Concentrate

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Big Mouth Fruity Lollipops Concentrate

This is going to change your life routine once and for all. A pleasant mix of mellow fruit will let you feel every flavour at once allowing you to free yourself. Caution - once tried, cant be stopped.


Advised dosage for the Concentrate Big Mouth :

With a base of 70/30 of PG/VG : 8%
With a base of 50/50 of PG/VG : 10%
With a base of 30/70 of PG/VG : 12%
With a base Full VG : 15%


Big Mouth liquids

BIG MOUTH is your PREMIUM all-day-vape juice.


Additional Information

This is concentrated flavouring and should be mixed with PG and/or VG and/or other flavouring before vaping.


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